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Will participate in TV program RTL SNOW MAGAZINE for the season 2018-2019.




will be featured during 1 episode + 1 rerun of 24 minutes as a ski resort (netto of 21-24 minutes) First run of the series (#313) will be the 28th of October 2016


Daan Laroo TV Productions BV


Sunday 17:00h - 18h00 (rerun Sunday 08h30)

Series nr

#314 dd 4-11-2018  (+/- week)


RTL 4 Nederland


€ ..............


50% at 15th January 2018. Invoice by Daan Laroo TV Productions BV

50% 7 days after broadcasted episode. Invoice by Daan Laroo TV Productions BV.



  1. Will provide a storybook-set-up in cooperation with the format of “RTL SNOW MAGAZINE ” before shooting.
  2. Will take care of lodging a 5 person’s crew in single-rooms and provide for breakfast/dinner (full-board) during their stay.
  3. Will provide the crew with a guide during the shooting.
  4. Has the right to use the internet site for their communication purpose and will take care of the content of their part. (Dutch language). Therefore contractor will provide us at the 1 October 2017 with their buttons/links for the internet site.
  5. Will obtain the rights of this episode, except the footage of the hosts.
  6. Will accept that the program will be broadcasted under conditions of the Dutch Media-Law (rules by the “Commissariaat van de Media”)
  7. A conformation copy of the episode will be published on “Uitzending gemist
  8. RTL Nederland can change timeslots, due to special news - occasions or events.
  9. Program will be produced if the series will be completely financed.
  10. Doesn’t have to pay VAT required if the company is not situated outside the Netherlands and if you have a VAT number.

Date   ..-..-2017         Signed as correct and pls return this contract by signed pdf to

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Managing director:


managing Director Daan Laroo

Lange Muiderweg  |  1382LB Weesp


Chamber of Comm. (K.v.K.) # nr 32060220

BTW/VAT nr  NL807118618B01